I was trained as a professional website builder, so when someone advised me to use WordPress to create a website, I wasn’t crazy about the idea.

I had a prejudice about WordPress thinking it would be for ‘dummies’ and I probably would have no need for my coding skills, using it. I was right and I was wrong. WordPress is indeed simple and user friendly and you don’t need html and css skills to make a basic website or blog with it.

However, if you want to make a customized WordPress website, you do need coding and programming skills to adapt the standard. A professional can do this for you. After your site is finished, it is super easy to add and change pages or posts yourself with the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

Suffice to say that I have fallen head over heels in love with the wonderful world of WordPress because of the endless possibilities it offers. With my business Dots ‘n Ink I only create WordPress sites for my clients.

WordPress in a Nutshell

WordPress is a very user-friendly free blog system, which can also be used to build a regular website to which you can add content without any knowledge of coding or programming.wordpress You can create and change pages and posts, and with plugins and widgets, you can add a lot of functionality.

WordPress is available in two forms. WordPress.com provides the software and the hosting for your blog or website. It is free for anyone to use and to modify to meet their personal needs. Since it is free, it does have limitations such as not being able to use plugins and widgets. That means you cannot add functionality to your site. Unless you buy your domain name through WordPress.com, your URL will be: www.yoursite.wordpress.com. Not the professional look you want to go for as a business. Starting your site is easy. You only have to open an account and you can start building your site right away.

Alternatively, WordPress.org provides the same free software to create your blog or website, but WordPress.org does not host it on the Internet for you and you have to install the software yourself. You will have to pay a separate hosting provider to obtain a domain name to get your blog or site online. Using WordPress.org gives small business owners maximum flexibility and customization at very low cost. You can download the software and start your blog or website with the latest free version of WordPress here.

My 11 reasons to love WordPress

  1. Easy to install
  2. A clear administration panel
  3. A simple Content Management System
  4. Newbie as well as developer friendly
  5. Lots of designs (Themes) to choose from
  6. A gazillion Plugins & Widgets to add functionalities
  7. Easily integrate a blog to your website
  8. Search Engines love WordPress (SEO friendly)
  9. Amazing Support Community
  10. WordPress is free to use
  11. WordPress gives the power back to Small Business Owners with regard to cost and control

Evelien van 't HoogEvelien van ‘t Hoog is the owner of Dots ‘n Ink and helps small business owners take their business online. She will be writing a weekly WordPress Wednesday guest blog for Pepita Bos, Your DIY Marketing Mentor. If you have questions for Evelien, please ask them in the comments section below. You can also find Dots ‘n Ink on Twitter and Facebook.