As a trend watcher and guest blogger at Pepita Bos, Your DIY Marketing Mentor, this week I would like to talk about a big upcoming trend; the ‘Around the Corner’ Trend. Owners of small businesses are more and more aware of the possibilities of their neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods matter

We don’t live in a ‘me-myself-and-I-economy’ any more. Entrepreneurs are being aware of the need to have contact with others to survive the financial crisis. Usually, in your own neighborhood, is it very easy to connect with your citizens. Nowadays it’s not the social control what it is about. There are other reasons to make contact than in the early fifties. Nowadays it’s more about learning from each other, as well as to borrow or share. I want to share two of these neighborhood based concepts with you.

Learn around the corner

Brooklyn Brainery is an example of sharing knowledge around the corner. Brooklyn Brainery hosts classes about all sorts of things: from physics to Social media, from cooking to marketing and just about every in between. If you have a passion for a topic and you live in the neighborhood you can be a teacher. Brooklyn Brainery does all the planning, marketing and materials.

brooklyn brainery pepita bos your diy marketing mentor

Their mission statement is that you don’t have to spend a paycheck to learn something new.

Cycle Wash Service around the corner

Another example of using the neighborhood for your business is the following of which I don’t understand why it wasn’t initially started in The Netherlands, a country of bikes and bikers. Instead it was started by clever people in South Philadelphia in the United States.

Business who are not keen on washing the laundry for their hotel, restaurant or spa-sauna, can call on the The Wash Cycle Laundry  for help. They pick up the laundry by bike-trailer and bring it back to you all done; washed and folded. This sustainable company is mobile and loves their neighbors. The served area is the neighborhood.

Neighborhood effect on well being

Business concepts like this have a relational effect on the people living in the neighborhood. By having more and better contact, people have better relationships, cohesion develops, which gives more confidence and social-economic growth.
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