This post is a practical one. If you are reading my blog and others with Google Reader like I do, you have to start looking for a replacement.

If you have never used a reader to read your favorite blogs, I can totally recommend it. It collects all the blogs you subscribe to through an RSS feed and you can then read them at your own leisure. Where in the past I used to read my favorite blogs on my computer, I now read them on my tablet. Mostly while watching TV. Yes I admit it, I am a multiscreener :-) But of course you can also access your reader on your phone while commuting to work (or other multitasking activities).

So what are some alternatives for Google Reader?

I use Feedly which I like because it looks like I am reading a magazine. Makes it feel less like work. But I will try out some others as well before Google Reader stops in a few months. Below are the ones I will be looking at.

Replacing Google Reader

Screenshot Feedly Reader


  • Feedly; seems to be a favorite with many.
  • Feedantic; not up and running yet but soon to come apparently.
  • NewsBlur: has a free and a paid version.
  • The Old Reader: the better version of the Google Reader, or so they say.
  • FeedsAnywhere: accessible from anywhere, but then that is a minimum requirement for any reader I should say.
  • Digg: They are building a reader and asking fans of Google Reader to come up with suggestions.
  • Netvibes: Has free and paid as well.

If you have any suggestions on good readers please let me know in the comments below.

By Pepita Bos