When I wrote a blog post about the new release of WordPress “Elvin” 3.5 earlier, some people told me they had problems after updating their website to the latest WordPress version.

So I like to share with you my “quick steps” list for an easy update of your WordPress website:

  1. First you should check if your theme is compatible with the latest update of WordPress (ask your theme’s author). Some themes may not be well maintained and might cause errors when used with a new version of WordPress.
  2. Backup your website using a backup plugin. While automatic updating during your WordPress upgrade usually works flawlessly, should something go very wrong you’ll be able to restore your site. For this important task I recommend Blogvault a premium backup plugin I wrote about earlier. You can read the post about Blogvault here and download the plugin here. As a free backup plugin I use the BackWPup plugin, which you can download here.
  3. Deactivate all your plugins. Updating WordPress while plugins are deactivated is the safest method and there are less chances for problems as some plugins may conflict with the upgrade process.wordpress old peel off
  4. Update WordPress in your WordPress Admin area through a link called “update automatically”, to the latest version.
  5. Update plugins if needed and make sure you do so one at a time before continuing to the next, just to be sure.
  6. Reactivate all your plugins via the plugins page in your WordPress dashboard, again, one at a time and test if each one is working properly before continuing with the next plugin. This keeps track of, if and which plugin might causes issues.
  7. Verify if your website is working the way you want it to work.

Of course this is no rocket science but I hope these quick steps will make it easier for you to update your WordPress website safely.

PS: If you decide to buy the Blogvault premium plugin, please do so through my affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and I earn some extra money with it.

Evelien van 't HoogEvelien van ‘t Hoog is the owner of Dots ‘n Ink and helps small business owners take their business online. She will be writing a weekly WordPress Wednesday guest blog for Pepita Bos, Your DIY Marketing Mentor. If you have questions for Evelien, please ask them in the comments section below. You can also find Dots ‘n Ink on Twitter and Facebook.