Want your website in multiple languages? No sweat, I know just the right plugin for you! For my customers I use WPML, the best multilingual plugin that is out there. It allows you to create a page in one language and to add that page in another language. Visitors then select the language they prefer.

The default install comes with over 40 language buttons and you can also add your own language variants (e.g. Mexican Spanish or Canadian French) using WPML’s languages editor. Once the plugin is activated you need to set your default language and then add any additional languages. It depends on your theme how many languages can be used.marketing mentor

You can present different language content in the same domain (in language directories), in sub-domains or in completely different domains. And, what is really handy, is instead of adding additional blog posts or pages, you add a translation to an existing post or page. WPML makes it possible to create a different menu for every language, with the identical menu items in languages directly corresponding with each other. This keeps the management of your content very neat. When someone switches language, they switch to the same page in another language.

The company behind WPML Icanlocalize also provides professional translation services, so if you want to provide multi language support but do not have the expertise to translate the content, they provide a service for this.

With very well-organized documentation on the site, WPML allows you to check out the FAQs, theme and plugin compatibility and step-by-step tutorials.

WPML comes in two license packages, 79 dollar for a multilingual CMS website and 29 dollars for a multilingual blog. Once bought you can use it on unlimited websites or blogs.

The plugin can be downloaded from here, the site also supports multiple languages as you could expect so you can see the plugin in action!
PS: If you decide to buy the WPML premium plugin, please do so through my affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and I earn some extra money with it.

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