Facebook distinguishes between profiles and pages. Profiles are intended for people and pages are intended for business, organizations etc.

Many small business owners have discovered Facebook to promote their business. There are several ways to do so and one of them is to claim your Facebook Page URL. Facebook calls it a Username, but it is sometimes also referred to as a Vanity URL.

The reason to have such a Vanity URL are simple. It is much easier to communicate your Facebook URL when it has the name of your business in it than a bunch of numbers. What do you think looks and works better:


For branding and marketing purposes, it is really a no-brainer, isn’t it.

It is easy to claim your Vanity URL in 6 quick steps:

Step 1: Go to Edit Page on your Page


Step 2: Select Update Info


Step 3: Under Basic Information go to Change Username and click


Step 4: Switch to using Facebook as yourself instead of using it as your page


Step 5: Type in the Username you want and check for availability. When not available try another name. Remember that you can change it only once.

Step 6: Your Vanity URL is now all set


Before you select a vanity url, Facebook has guidelines for creating usernames you may want to check here.

If you have questions on this topic or other questions on how to market your business? Don’t hesitate to ask.

By Pepita Bos