If you and your business need to organise events, classes, workshops, trainings, conferences or concerts, and you want them integrated on your WordPress website, Event Espresso is the plugin for you. Event Espresso Event Registration and Ticketing Management is a (premium) WordPress plugin which makes it easy for you to register attendees on your WordPress website.

All events are created from the WordPress Admin area, where you can create signup forms to collect information about your attendees, accept payments, create multiple price options and discount codes, assign seating limits, make printable tickets and create reports.

Event Espresso Ticket

There are more event management plugins out there, but Event Espresso is definitely the cream of the crop. An extra plus is that after a one off payment you have your own Event Management System, with no transaction fees, no registration fees, no monthly frees, no fees at all!

You do not need to be a WordPress expert to create events with Event Espresso, this plugin allows even users with basic WordPress knowledge to turn their existing website into a fully featured event management website.

These are basically the steps to set things up:

  • Install the Event Espresso Plugin
  • Follow the instructions and set up your payment information
  • Create the necessary pages (events)
  • Create your event registration form
  • Open registration

It is as simple as that.

So no more need for organizing an event using email and a spreadsheet. Using Event Espresso makes it very clear and transparent for the attendee to register with less mistakes and complexity as result. You can see all the Event Espresso features here.

There is a free plugin of Event Espresso available, which is called Event Espresso Lite, and then there is the premium plugin with three different pricing plans. Starting at 89,95 dollar to 499,95 dollar. You can download the free version here, and the premium version here. Want to go for a test drive? You can do that here.

I have used the Event Espresso Premium plugin on the Rooftop Table website, which you can check out here.

Event Espresso can help any small company to be more successful with each event.

PS: If you decide to buy the premium plugins, please do so through my affiliate link. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and I earn some extra money with it.

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